Location & Hours of Operation

737 W. Randolph
(corner of Halsted & Randolph)
Chicago, IL 60661

Sun-Fri 11am-2am
Sat 11am-3am

October is National Pizza Month!

In celebration, we launched a whole new pizza program!

All of our newly hand crafted 10" pies are created from scratch in-house and with ingredients of the highest quality.

We use Type 00 organic red harvest winter wheat from Central Milling of Northern Utah, and California plum tomatoes from Stanislaus of Northern California.

Choose from one of our composed classics, or build your own from the ingredients below. All of our pies are touched with a trinity of parmesan, olive oil, and sea salt.



Margherita $11 ~ plum tomato sauce, basil, fresh mozzarella

Sausage & Peppers $13 ~ plum tomato sauce, oregano, mozzarella, roasted barley italian sausage, serrano-pear giardiniera

Pepperoni & Sausage $14 ~ plum tomato sauce, oregano & basil, fresh mozzarella, pepperoni, roasted barley italian sausage


Elote $13 ~ whipped ricotta & smoked paprika, cilantro, roasted corn, cotija cheese, umami mayo (*contains fish sauce)
add house chorizo $2

Caramelized Shallot $12 ~ whipped ricotta, sweet shallots, arugula & lemon
add italian white anchovy $5

$9 Get Creative!
Start w/ our craft 48 hour fermented dough
choose plum tomato sauce or whipped ricotta

$.50 each basil, oregano, red onion
$3 each fresh mozzarella, Big Woods blue cheese (sheep), habanero cheese
$2 each From Sausagetown: chorizo, roasted barley italian, andouille, bacon, kielbasa, thüringer, bratwurst, smoked pork
$1 each egg, vegetable, arugula, baby kale, serrano-pear giardiniera, caramelized shallot
$5 italian white anchovy

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Featured Beer

Commonwealth Brown Ale 7.5%


Our AGM Jonathan Cornier collaborated with our brewers to create this new brew, a Brown Ale, celebrating his roots and family in Puerto Rico. Honey malt and turbinado sugar provide a sweet balance to the aggressive cascade and simcoe hop additions. We are donating $1 from each pint sold to aid the "Pallets in Puerto Rico: Hurricane Maria Relief" project, sponsored by the Puerto Rican Agenda group.

Location & Hours of Operation

737 W. Randolph
(corner of Halsted & Randolph)
Chicago, IL 60661

Sun-Fri 11am-2am
Sat 11am-3am

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